Crochet Project Price Calculator for Crochetiers

A simple price calculator for calculating the price of your crochet works. This is based on The Balanced Method formula derived by Crochetpreneur. To learn crochet, book your FREE demo session now with expert artists from AVES – Click here to book

Understand the jargons –

Materials/Supplies Cost (Yarns) – Price of the Yarns consumed in making your project in INR. Grab your yarns here – Shop Now

Hour – Measurement unit considered in the formula is hours

Cost Per Hour – This value is pre-populated for your ease. However if you already know the rate going on in your area you can fill with that

Business Expenses – All material costs, infrastructure cost, electricity and other bills are broadly put into this category

Markup – This is the profit percentage you can ask for in your work.

We have given a general methodology for pricing your crochet works. Many artists follow this however few others price their works based on their crochet work dimensions. You can also calculate using our free dimension based formula – Calculator

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